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Project Description
This projects provides a tool to enable straightforward importing of data from legacy databases (SQL, CSV, Access).

With the power of XPO and XAF by Developer Express there is always a requirement to move legacy applications from VB6, Access, etc into .NET environment.

This project contains some classes which attempt to automate this process as much as possible. 

The process is very simple:

1. Add the TableImport attribute to each class you wish to import data for
2. Add FieldImport attributes to each field
3. Run XpoImport and specify the Assembly containing your business objects.
4. Sit and watch as your data imports :)

Current Features
- Import from SQL tables
- Use of Class and Property attributes to specifiy fields to import
- WinForms application to perform the process

Planned Features
- Support for flat files (CSV, Tab, etc)
- Ability to act upon multiple assemblies and databases
- Support for specifying filters on import
- Support for specifying data cleanup functions on import

Notice: You will need a copy of the DeveloperExpress components from in order to use this project.

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